Profiling Opinion Leaders

What Makes an Opinion Leader?

It is now increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies to be able to identify leading healthcare professionals and keep them engaged. It is paramount to identify which attributes your ambassadors must possess. Several skills may be required.

The multidimensional nature of the profiling problem also depends on the product development cycle: from research & drug development to marketing activities.

Discussions with the client are key to help determine which profile(s) to look for and which data sources are needed to do so.

A Multidimensional Challenge


For instance, during research & drug discovery, opinion leaders with a strong level of scientific expertise/medical credibility and experience in management are sought after.


During the product marketing phase, opinion leaders with strong communication skills, highly connected to peers, a voice for patients are typically sought after.

5 Key Dimensions Shaping Profiles

We query various databases to generate information used to extract the following 5 key dimensions that help shape opinion leader profiles that are sought after.

Scientific Expertise & Medical Credibility

Management Expertise

Digital Communication Skills

Peer-to-Peer Communication Skills


Patient Communications Skills

The Main Underlying Profile Dimensions

A more in-depth description of the 5 dimensions and their constituents may be found in this table.

Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs – Scientific Experts

They produce expert knowledge. 
Leading physicians, researchers & other medical experts are likely to be KOLs.


book knowledge expertise
management expertise

Management Opinion Leaders – MOLs – Management Experts 


They possess experience in managing clinical trials, medical staff and students. They also manage boards, conference and meetings. Some might also demonstrate entrepreneurial skills.

Digital Opinion Leaders – DOLs – Digital Experts


They like to use digital platforms and social media to relay info, highlight and expose specific content. 

They harness the power of digital technology to amplify their message in a catchy fashion.


digital communication
peer-to-peer communication

Colleagues – Medical Community Opinion Leader – COLs- Peer-to-Peer Communication

They are subject-matter experts and speak at medical meetings, congresses & conferences. They are involved in educational activities. 

They may use social media to communicate, but they are primarily active on researched-focused medicine.

Patient Opinion Leaders – POLs –  Patient Communication


They like to share experience and communicate information with patients facing health challenges. 

They are a voice for patients.

patient communicator

Extracted Profiles – Illustrations

Using our approach, several profiles may be identified. The radar plot depicts the 5 dimensions/components used to profile HCPs. A score is generated for each HCP and component. It is easy to identify on which component(s) a HCP scores high and which profile he.she fits in.

How do we Proceed in a Nutshell?

Your Customer List

For a given therapy area, predefined disease state, group of specialties.

Typical Profiles

Identification of opinion leader profiles that are sought after by the client.

Data Sources

Available and additional data sources needed to extract the desired profiles.

Influence Scores

We estimate scores and deliver them for each HCP in your customer list.

Mapping KOLs

Network analysis is also available for mapping relationships in HCPs.