The KOL Centre

The KOL Center

In a world where information comes from so many sources, most HCPs will understandably put their trust into reliable peers. In this context, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are usually considered as the best ambassadors for your products.

Establishing a long-term relationship with KOLs is a tedious and expensive process, thus selecting the right HCPs in the first place is paramount.

At, we have developed innovative tools to optimise the initial steps of any KOL-related work, to identify the most promising KOLs for any given situation, to understand their strengths, the scope of their influence and also to anticipate for the next generation of influencers.

We use a combination of public data sources, social network APIs along with your existing information in order to derive lists of the most valuable HCPs with regard to a specific context.

To get a better understanding of our interventions and deliverables, have a look at the following case studies:

KOL Rising Stars

KOL Typology

Influence can materialise in a variety of ways and KOL type of impact varies accordingly.

Want to learn about the various flavours of KOLs? Learn about the various KOL types we can identify.

KOL Networks

Interactions across HCPs are at the core of identifying the real impact of KOLs.
This page gives you an overview of powerful network visualisation tools we implement.

Rising Stars

KOL management can in no way remain a static affair. As some HCPs retire or move, recruiting new ones becomes necessary. Discover how we use machine learning algorithms in order to identify rising stars.

Want to learn how our approach can help you optimise your KOL strategy? Do not hesitate to contact us.