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GP Digital Proficiency Index

The way Pharma is accessing GPs is changing

Face-to-face access of GPs is no longer the preferred option in all cases, whether due to geography, GP availability, GP preference, pandemic crises, or simple efficiencies. Alternative digital & virtual modes are being developed and trialled, but GPs are not all equal in the inclination or capabilities to engage in this medium.
adaptation to changes

A two-fold challenge for Pharma

Identifying where each GP sits on the “inclination to engage digitally” spectrum so they can be approached appropriately.

Monitoring digital uptake as it evolves over time.

We deliver DYNAMIC insights extracted from our Knowledge Base & Machine Learning Based indices for quantifying & understanding GP willingness & capability to engage digitally with pharma. 

The Digital Proficiency Index provides insights which have a bearing on GP Digital Engagement with Pharma

Our Syndicated Knowledge Base is now being used to focus on GP’s digital comfort and usage, and their practice’s digital sophistication.

The output is a series of flags & factual information extracted from the Knowledge Base, and Machine Learning-derived indices, which have a bearing on GP willingness and capability to engage digitally with pharma. It is dynamic as it also tracks uptake over time.

Digital Proficiency Indices & Factual Info Collection & Generation Process.

Data Generation Process

Five Digital Proficiency Indices

as well as additional indices for GPs & medical practices
GP Digital Proficiency
Global GP Digital Proficiency

Index measuring the overall digital proficiency – takes into account the environment (practice) the GP works in, their personal digital footprint & many other features collected in the Knowledge Base. 

These are aggregated in the most efficient & meaningful way to yield the GP Digital Proficiency Index.

GP Social Media

Sub-index measuring GP professional social media activity. Primarily based upon the use of social media for professional purposes.

GP Digital Self-Promotion

Sub-index measuring GP self-promotion on the Internet. Primarily based upon presence in health directories, practice website & GP website (if applicable).

Practice Digital CommunicatiON

Sub-index measuring the digital communication of the practice – primarily based upon communication tools available on the practice website, social media activity, and presence in health directories.

Practice Digital Sophistication

Sub-index measuring the digital sophistication of the practice – primarily based upon digital content, size & interactivity of practice website.

Put Existing Knowledge to Good Use

If you possess existing data on some G’s digital engagement, make use of our Knowledge Base & Machine Learning to expand predictions to all GPs in the target population.

Ask us how.