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crea.science is an analytical consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in state-of-the-art modelling and optimisation. We provide assistance and software solutions to integrate multiple data sources in customer segmentation & targeting processes.

We also implement powerful machine-learning algorithms to maximise the value extracted from the data sources and the accuracy of the segmentation process. 

We are especially active with the pharmaceutical industry where we provide support for HCP segmentation.

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You will find below an overview of the products & services that we offer. They range from the creation of novel data sources at the Dr-level, mining and structuring your existing data, incorporating high-resolution socio-demographic information into the segmentation process, to the complete integration of several data sources into the segmentation project.

Novel Data Sources

Successful HCP Segmentation Requires HCP-Level Data 

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to evaluate many data sources in different countries, and the above statement could not better summarise our experience. As soon as your data are only available for groups of HCPs, the segmentation process becomes noisy and inefficient. Still, HCP-level data are hard to come by. This led us to develop tools to generate relevant measures and summary indices covering different aspects of HCP activities. 

These measures can be used as is for accurate targeting or as input in a machine-learning driven segmentation process.

Last but not least, using this service could not be easier: you just need to provide us with a list of HCPs and possibly a context for research focused on specific therapy areas. We will generate the measures you are interested in with the latest sources and we will return the requested data.

Our Data Cover the Following Aspects:

digital footprint HCPs


Essential data to predict Dr potential or influence. HCP digital footprint (web visibility) is directly related to their level of activity. Our indices provide accurate measures of key aspects of this visibility.

Research activities of Drs


We can deliver thorough information on the publications, scientific meetings and clinical trial participation for any therapy area, plus meaningful summary indices.

Different patterns and attributes can be extracted from a set of HCPs
quality data


Identify the most active HCPs on social networks. Target them according to the way they use them, e.g. blog writing, professional networking...

network of individuals - HCPs


The ultimate tool to understand the dynamics of communication among a group of specialists. Discover who works with whom, who influences who by therapy area.

Our Data Respect HCP Privacy

As we have expanded these services to several countries around the world, we have always made sure that our procedures and data delivered are compliant with the local regulations. These include among others the EU GDPR, the Australian as well as the New Zealand Privacy Acts.